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launch_job(job_config, sys_config[, dev_mode])

launch_model(model_class, job_config, sys_config)

Launch an individual model component by class (embedded launch)

tracdap.rt.launch.launch_job(job_config, sys_config, dev_mode=False)
  • job_config (Union[str, pathlib.Path]) –

  • sys_config (Union[str, pathlib.Path]) –

  • dev_mode (bool) –

tracdap.rt.launch.launch_model(model_class, job_config, sys_config)

Launch an individual model component by class (embedded launch)

This launch method launches the supplied model class directly, it must be called from the Python codebase containing the model class. The TRAC runtime will launch within the current Python process, job target and model repositories are configured automatically and dev mode will be enabled. This method is mainly useful for launching development and debugging runs.

To resolve the paths of the job and system config files, paths are tried in the following order:

  1. If an absolute path is supplied, this takes priority

  2. Resolve relative to the current working directory

  3. Resolve relative to the directory containing the Python module of the model

  • model_class (tracdap.rt.api.TracModel.__class__) – The model class that will be launched

  • job_config (Union[str, pathlib.Path]) – Path to the job configuration file

  • sys_config (Union[str, pathlib.Path]) – Path to the system configuration file